Please click on the link below for the current list of bus routes for Galena R-II Schools.

2020-2021 Bus Routes

Transportation Information

Bus routes will be determined by the transportation director.  It is the policy of our local Board of Education to provide safe buses, each bus having liability insurance, a competent driver, and routes established for economy, time required for routes, size of load and road conditions.

The Galena R-II School Board will not approve bus service for students who live less than ½ mile from present bus routes, with the following exceptions:

  • Any student in grades K, 1, 2, and 3, that are not accompanied by a student in grades 4 through 12.

  • Any E.M.R. student that is not accompanied by any students in grades 4 through 12.

  • Any physically handicapped students.

This policy will be followed if there is a road that may be navigated.   

Proper behavior is a necessity to insure safe operation of the bus.  Students are to remain seated, facing forward and refrain from loud/boisterous talking.  All other school guidelines apply equally to those riding the bus.  Behavior that is inappropriate will result in the possibility of losing bus riding privileges for a determined period of time.  Bus drivers have the option of assigning seats to all or part of their student riders.

Galena R-II District may utilize audio and video recording equipment on district transportation.

Students are not to switch buses without authorization.

Bus Rules

  • The bus driver is in complete charge of the bus and students are expected to comply with his/her request at all times.

  • Drivers are authorized to assign seats at their discretion.

  • Students are permitted to talk quietly, but the use of profanity will not be allowed.

  • Students are not to eat or drink on the bus, including chewing gum.

  • Students are to remain seated while the bus is moving.

  • Objects are not to be thrown from the bus windows.

  • Students who damage the bus will be held financially responsible.

  • Striking matches, lighting cigarette lighters, or using tobacco products of any kind is not permitted on the bus.

  • Students are not to bring glass, flammable material, or other dangerous items on the bus.

  • Students are not to push, shove, or fight on the bus.

  • Students are to board and exit the bus at the same stop daily.

  • Students are NOT to use electronic devices when loading or unloading the school bus.

Major Bus Offenses

The following offenses are considered to be major and any student violating them will automatically receive 3 to 10 days suspension from the bus or more as determined by administration:

  • Fighting--defined as throwing punches.

  • Striking matches or lighting cigarette lighters.

  • Bringing glass, flammable material or other dangerous items, such as guns and knives, on the bus.

  • Being in possession of any alcohol or tobacco product on the bus.

  • Throwing objects out the window.

  • Damaging any part of the bus.

  • Failure to remain in a seat.

Major offenses will be handled at the discretion of the principal.  A minimum of 3 days suspension will be administered for a major offense.  Maximum disciplinary action for any major violation will be suspension from riding the bus for the remainder of the school year.  Additionally, ISS or OSS may be assigned. The school bus is a part of the school and all school rules and regulations that have to do with a student’s conduct in the school also apply to student conduct on the bus.

Career-Technical School Transportation

Career-Tech students report to GHS and are transported by bus to the Reeds Spring Campus to attend Vo-Tech School.  Students must travel to and from in school transportation, unless prior approval is granted by the administration.  Students that drive to Vo-Tech without administrative authorization will be subject to disciplinary action.

Extracurricular/Field Trip Transportation

Galena R-II District provides bus transportation for all qualified students to and from school and to extracurricular functions. Students who ride the bus to extracurricular functions, including field trips, are to return on the bus unless the parent/guardian or grandparent informs the Principal or Coach in person that their student will not be returning on the bus.  Additionally, the student must be signed out of the sponsor’s care.   

Transportation (Private) and Parking:

  • Students wishing to drive to and from school shall sign the proper form in the Principal’s office.All students will be assigned a card from the main office to illustrate their completion of the proper protocol for driving to school.Students without the card will be prohibited from driving their personal vehicles to school.All siblings who will be riding to school must also have a card from the office showing that they have permission to ride to/from school with their brother/sister.Students that have not completed the necessary paperwork will not be permitted to drive their vehicles on school campus.

  • All student vehicles must be parked in the designated parking lot on the east side of the building.Vehicles parked on the North, South, and West side of the building will be considered in violation, and will be towed.

  • Students may not park in the area west and south of the Agriculture Building.

  • Students who drive vehicles to school shall be properly licensed as an operator by the state of Missouri, and the vehicle must be properly licensed by the state of Missouri.Proof of license, registration, and insurance must be on file in the office.

  • Upon arrival or at conclusion of the school day, the vehicle is to be operated in a safe and responsible manner.

  • The vehicle shall remain parked in a location on the school grounds designated by the Principal.

  • All vehicles shall be properly parked and in such a manner as not to create a hazard to other vehicles.

  • All students that drive to school and have properly completed paperwork in the main office will be dismissed from school at the 1st bus bell.Students are to NOT exit the parking lot while the busses are in transit.

 For additional information please contact Dr. Danny Humble, Superintendent or Mr. Josh Dettling, Transportation Director