Student Enrollment


All forms must be completed before your registration will be processed. Additionally, please bring the following documentation with you when you return your completed registration forms:

  • Up to Date Immunization Records
  • Proof of Age (birth certificate)
  • Proof of Residency in the Galena R-II School District (property tax receipt, utility bill, rent receipt)

Enrollment Qualifications

Galena R-II School District is a non-tuition accepting district.

Only children of residents of the Galena R-II School District shall be entitled to attend.  The following shall be considered as resident students:

  • Children whose parents live within the school district.
  • Children legally adopted by residents of the school district.
  • Children whose custody has been awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction to resident adults.According to Board Policy JECA: A "power of attorney" document alone is insufficient to satisfy the "court-appointed legal guardian" requirement.
  • Emancipated students who are residents of the district.
  • Children of employees of the Galena R-II School District.

The following forms are in Adobe PDF format. Forms are to be printed and submitted to the appropriate offices or schools.

Please take the time to proofread each form as there may be additional criteria to be filled out such as signatures, dates, and check boxes after printing.