Interscholastic athletics/activities are an integral and meaningful part of the overall educational process. Our primary purpose is to complement and support the mission of the Galena School District by positively contributing to the academic achievement and persistence to graduation of our students, while at the same time providing opportunities for students to involve themselves in interscholastic athletics/activities.


The Board of Education believes that individual students shall have opportunities to grow physically and intellectually through experience in self-discipline and contribution to a team effort made possible through competitive interscholastic athletics.  An interscholastic athletic program shall be conducted in the school district to further the development of students as competitors and spectators through friendly interscholastic contests.  Due to the nature of society, an individual must understand the need for rules, laws, and regulations in allowing our citizens freedom to remain secure.  The coaches/sponsors instill in the athletes the understanding that self-discipline is a necessary quality in the development of a citizen’s character and work habits.  It should be stressed that good observance of training rules must come from within the athlete.  The rules cannot be forced upon the player by the coach.  If an individual of the Galena athletic program is caught by a coach, administrator, faculty member, or law official breaking these rules, the coach will be forced to discipline the player in the best interest of the team, school, and the individual involved. 


The purpose of the athletic program is to provide experiences that enable the student to achieve established educational objectives.  Outlined below are some of the desirable educational goals to be achieved through participation in athletics.

Student Eligibility Standards

Students choosing to participate in a school activity must meet the eligibility standards set forth by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) in addition to the following local school policy guidelines.

Academic Requirements

  1. Students must maintain at least a C average (2.0 cumulative GPA) in the classroom.

  2. Students must have earned a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale during the previous grading period/semester.

  3. If a student receives an “F” or their GPA is below 2.0 at the end of any quarter he/she will be placed on academic probation for the next two weeks.During this time the student will be expected to attend and participate in all activities associated with the sport/activity.If the student is no longer receiving an “F” at the end of the two-week period they will be completely reinstated.If the grade remains an “F”, they will be ineligible for the remainder of the quarter.They will be required to abide by all team rules, attend all contests, sit with the team in dress clothes, but may not participate in contest events.

  4. Students must attend a minimum of 4 class periods to be eligible to participate in practice or contest events held that day, unless approved by the administration prior to the event.

  5. Students must have earned a minimum of 3.0 credits during the previous semester.

  6. Students that qualify may attend summer school to earn a credit toward eligibility in a subject area required for graduation.

  7. All 7th grade students entering Galena Middle School for the first time are eligible during their first semester.

  8. All 9th grade students entering Galena High School for the first time are eligible during their first semester.

  9. Special education students must be making standard progress at their level of ability to be eligible.The student’s grade is to be determined jointly by the special education teacher and the regular classroom teacher.

Citizenship Standards

Students who represent themselves and the school in school activities should exemplify good citizenship.  Students are expected to work in a cooperative effort with those involved in an activity.  They should obey all school rules and regulations.  Students, who do not, will be removed from the activity.  Athletes will receive a team contract and citizenship form for each sport in which they participate. Athletes and parents will be required to sign and return contract and forms prior to participation in the sport.

  1. Students, while under the auspices of school domain, who are guilty of the use or misuse, possession, distribution, transfer and/or sale of tobacco, alcohol, narcotic, or noxious substances, prescription drugs, counterfeit drugs, drug paraphernalia, depressants, stimulants, or hallucinogens of any type shall be ruled ineligible to represent the school in any extracurricular activities for at least a semester.

  2. A student who is guilty of a law violation will not be considered a creditable citizen.The student will be subject to a penalty/suspension, immediately following the infraction, in proportion to the degree of the offense.This penalty will be determined by the coach/sponsor, athletic director, and building principal.Additionally, according to MSHSAA By-Law 212 a student will not be considered eligible until all matters have been concluded within the legal system and all fines and/or penalties have been satisfied.

Specific Rules for Each Activity

Each coach, director, or sponsor will have specific rules and expectations for an activity.  Because of club by-laws, constitutions, physical conditioning or training, safety procedures, tryouts, and practices, it is necessary for coaches, directors, or sponsors to design specific regulations to accommodate the variables in each activity. Players and parents will be made aware of these rules and procedures at a pre-season meeting held by the Coach of that particular sport and the Athletic Director. Attendance is expected.

For additional information about athletics at Galena High School please contact Mr. David Sherer, Athletic Director.